Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Review

The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker was initially acquired by competitor Whistle Labs soon after, the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker evolved into the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker. The tracker is the similar configuration as the Tagg, however features a brushed metal sheen to nicely change out the old plastic design. The system, however, has received a major enhancements by changing over to Whistle’s system.

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker features the very best elements we appreciated in the original Whistle Activity Tracker and the Tagg GPS pet tracker jammed within one unit. It exceeds expectation at delivering a heads-up alert your pet no longer is inside a predetermined safe area, locating your pet on the map, and providing an at-a-glance study of how much exercise your furry friend is getting.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Review

This Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Review will provide you a complete report on the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker and discuss just what you can anticipate with this pet owner favorite choice. We will discuss precisely what you get when it comes to features and what people are stating that have bought the\is pet tracker, including the good points and bad points with a conclusion.


The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is the hands down favorite of pet owners and is basically an update to it’s predecessor, which is The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker. There are some differences and we will guide you and inform you precisely what you’ll be getting with this GPS pet tracking device.

Main Features:

Let’s have a look at precisely what this pet tracking device does and inform you of the various features. a notification is sent in case your pet ever roams from its ‘whistle’ zone, which is simply a fancy way of indicating the ‘safe’ zone. It will be possible to put the safe zone to whichever range you choose.

You are going to be capable of pinpointing their exact location and track your furry friend from your smart phone using a free downloadable app.

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker provides you with nationwide coverage and makes use of cellular and GPS technology to pinpoint your pet’s location. This works any place that you may get cell phone service in the states.


Additionally, you will have the ability to set this up for on-demand alerts and    updates via the app. As well as text alerts when your pet gets out or leaves the pre set safe zone.

Additionally, you will have the ability to track your pet’s activity and receive major information regarding the habits and health by documenting data which is collected while your pet is wearing the collar.


It is important to keep in mind is it recommended for pets which are 15 lbs or more, so you will use this more with dogs than cats, unless you have got a large cat. It will attach easily to any pet collar or harness that is up to 2 inches wide.

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker will require a low service charge which starts out at $6.95 a month. In case you don’t choose to pay a monthly free, take a look at the  Marco Polo Pet Monitoring/Tracking and Locating System.


Track Several Pets:

It’s possible to track several pets from one base station. This is really good in case you have more than one pet and you plan to be able to use the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker to monitor of every one of your pets simultaneously.


It will be easy to use this to enhance your dog’s health. This can be accomplished by setting custom daily goals for your pet in minutes after which you can monitor your pet’s progress, so it’s like an activity tracker for dogs.

You can observe long-term tendencies since it starts collecting information over time and you may make a change in case there are any behavioral changes. For instance, in case your dog begins gaining weight, you can examine the charts and also the recorded information to discover why.

Battery Life:

It includes a long-lasting Li-ion battery that features a life of up to 10 days. The tracker communicates that has a docking station using shortwave radio frequency and will change to power saving mode if the system is nearby.

This will aid the battery life. It will be possible to select the zone that the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker switches into battery saving mode quickly with the menu. For example, once you get home or will be in the office, or anyplace close to the docking station.

Another big plus with this product is that it is able to deal with just about any weather conditions and, since this will be attached to your dog more often than not that  It is durable, waterproof and it will survive your dogs adventures even into a pond or  pool.


Enables pet owners to find lost pets immediately

The Whistle GPS alerts the pet owner if their precious family pet roams past an acceptable limit or away from their Whistle zone, a whistle zone may be a customization safe area which can be predefined to pinpoint and track their whereabouts directly from any smartphone.


Monthly payment however very reasonable considering what it does.


Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Review Conclusions

Activity tracking may be a luxury most pet owners could skip, but location tracking via GPS is critical should you have a pet that has a ability to get out and wander off. 10 million pets are missing every year and only a small percentage are returned or found. The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker supplies the best of both worlds. It has the longest battery life of any pet tracker tested, along with exceptional software and warnings. In the event you only want activity tracking, you can stay with the Whistle Activity Tracker and save the GPS fees. However if you need to know where your dog is at all times, Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is your best option and the most popular GPS tracker bought by pet lovers nationally.

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