What Is A Petcube Camera

Are you an unconditional pet lover? Do you worry about your pet when you’re not at home? Every pet lover does so for them this amazing technology has been invented. Petcube Camera enables you to see what your pet has been up to while you were gone. There are many nanny cameras available in stores to keep an eye on your pet, but Petcube Camera goes one step ahead of the rest.

What Is A Petcube Camera


Petcube Remote Wi-Fi Pet Camera is a wireless video streaming camera that enables you to see what your pet has been up to while you were out. It is shaped like a cube with a high resolution 720p focus lens. It has an HD lens which gives you a clearer picture of whatever is aimed at. It has a laser option. It is provided for you to spend some fun activity time with your pet, even when you’re not at home. But for that you have to download the IOs/Android app for the laser to work. It comes with a tripod stand as well but it’s better to keep the pet surveillance camera somewhere on the shelf since you know how pets are.

Petcube Review

Reviews all over the world about this Pet Monitoring Camera are tremendously positive as they say that the Petcube provides them a Pet Monitoring Camera to easily keep an eye of their pets without being worried about them. The product has gained satisfactory results all over. People are immensely loving the product and the joy of staying in touch with their pets even when on vacation. The wifi availability on the product helps them to enable the camera from wherever they please.

pet monitoring cameraThe price of the product is quite reasonable comparatively to the other nanny cameras. It  goes without saying that it fulfills the amount demanded as it has been working so mich more effectively than other nanny cameras in the market. This product does not only differ in price, but also in features. Other nanny cameras do not provide laser activity when is not even a little bit harmful for your pets, but provides a daily activity period for your pets. As some pets are very active and need to play almost all of the time this laser activity goes perfectly well for them.


Being a pet lover, you may want to purchase everything to lay your eyes on for your pets. Those little furry balls become your life and you want whatever is best for them. Learning What Is A Petcube Camera proved very beneficial for me and my pets since those little balls of tornado cannot stop at any one point. So it gave me a sense of satisfaction to see them all the time in front of my eyes because I was always worried about them while being at work. Now at my lunch hours I get to play with them not being worried about going home early. Often after getting home I got very tired and couldn’t give them the time they deserved it made me sad, but with this product I can play with them anytime I want with my phone how cool. 

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  1. Hey Everybody
    Petcube is a fantastic fun toy you can use when not at home. The cat goes wild with chasing the laser light.

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