Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Review

The Tractive GPS pet tracker is a great device it is quickly connected to your dog’s collar using a clip (included) and also works for cats if they’re not that small. Your dog GPS pet tracker enables you to keep track of your dog live and in real time to see your pet’s location. You will be able to take a look at the location of your pet using your smartphone or in a web browser. In this Tractive GPS pet tracker Review   learn it is subsequently the best tool to locating missing dogs. The Tractive GPS tracker also features an integrated light that helps you easily find your dog back in the dark.


Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Review

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker will show you exactly where your pet is at recurring timed intervals. However, if you are searching for a lost pet, you are able to change it to the “Live” setting that will enable you to locate your pet instantly. There does exist a monthly subscription required.


How would you react in case you arrived home in the evening and found that the landscapers had left your front gate open and your pet had gotten out? If you have the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker instead of freaking out and panicking you will be relieved with the knowledge that in minutes you will locate your pet.


This pet monitoring device will enable you to locate your furry friend wherever they are and enable you to with ease locate and recover your pet. You merely connect the Tractive pet GPS tracker device to your pet’s collar and after that download the app to your Android or iOS phone that’s it.

You will be able to track your pet in real time if they aren’t where they really should be. The Tractive pet GPS tracker is waterproof and swim proof, so you don’t have to be worried about your dog getting into the water for a swim; it’s going to continue working even when your dog has found a pond to swim in.

You will create a virtual fence that designates a safe and secure area for your pet to roam. Once they get beyond that area you will be provided an alert that notifies you they have gotten outside the safe area.


– Live and real time tracking GPS collar for dogs GPS dog collar

– Fence off an area and get alerted when your pet leaves the safe area of the GPS dog fence

– See your dog on a map with smartphone or internet browser

– Easily finding your lost pet.

– Free Android and iOS app for lost pet finder

– Light on dog collar GPS helps you find your dog in the dark

– Waterproof GPS dog collar

– Power saving mode (periodic GPS updates) increases battery life

– Tractive pet tracker provides collar clips, usb cable and A/C adapter

– Small monthly service fee that can be stopped any time no contract

– Weight dog gps collar 35 g / 1.2 ounce

Consumers which use this Tractive GPS Pet Tracker have given it five stars and declared that it absolutely was the right product due to their needs. The only drawback was the battery life which is fairly short, even if you have it on power-saving mode.

People mentioned that they need to charge it after a day and a half, however, this being addressed in a new software update which happens to be on the way.


Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Review

Overview for this GPS dog collar

The Tractive GPS pet tracker for your pets is ideal for real time tracking of your cat or dog and keeping them in a set safe area. This GPS pet tracker is a really perfect system to locating lost dogs as well as the integrated light assists you to locate your pet quicker in the dark.

The Tractive pet GPS tracker is a great gadget for checking the whereabouts of your dog in real time and live and get alerted when your dog leaves the safe area GPS dog fence option. A great feature is this GPS for pets is waterproof so your dog can happily swim with the pet monitor on him with causing any problems.

If you’re looking for a great pet tracker, we highly recommend that you check it out and see if it’s right for you. You can currently pick this up from the LOWEST PRICE using the Amazon link below. You will also get super-fast delivery, and there is also an option to buy it used at a discounted price.


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