Review of the Petcube Camera

Presently there are a handful of pet monitoring cameras  out there in the marketplace but only one Petcube Camera makes use of a video camera linked with a person’s Wi-Fi network to monitor your pets pet_monitoring_camerawith video using your smartphone when you are away from home for long hours or just to see what your furry friends are doing. Read the following Review of the Petcube Camera to find out what is being said about this cool toy for pet lovers.

Review of the Petcube Camera

This particular Petcube Camera is among the most popular pet monitoring cameras that will  surface regularly in conversations about home pet monitoring systems. Another similar device is the Petzi Treat Cam. After a preliminary review, it seems like the key distinction between the two is that the Petzi features a built-in pet treat dispenser, while Petcube comes with a built-in laser pointer. Which is cool.

In case you are  planning on buying one of these pet monitoring devices, then you will be curious about  this review of Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera.

Review of The Petcube Camera What Can It Do?

pet_monitoring_cameraPetcube is really an interactive wireless pet monitoring camera which enables you to be able to monitor visit your pets whenever you are away from home.  Petcube Camera software allows you to watch, talk and play laser games together with your cat or dog from any place utilizing your smartphone. You are also able to share permission to access your pet video cam together with your friends, family or other people on Petcube community.


What folks say about the Petcube Camera

Pet lovers have watched their dogs or cats roaming around  through the kitchen with what appeared to be just a very slight delay – perhaps not super-smooth however, not those jerky motions many  viewers come to expect from video streaming utilizing a home video camera either.pet_monitoring_camera  The 720p video camera appears to be effective while the room is well-lit either by daylight or lamps, however it totally is lacking in any kind of night vision function. This is unfortunate since a great many pets are nocturnal (and may see better in darkness than most IP cameras), therefore monitoring the family pet while you are away at night is not as  usable considering your lighting and conditions at home.

The Petcube price for all it offers.

Petcube price $199 and there aren’t any on-going service fees or monthly subscriptions. Therefore the price of $199 will be a one time expense. Subsequently, you may now place a cost on the a pet monitoring system to monitor or play with your pet when they  are left alone at home. The link below woo connect you to the latest current special price. Sometimes there is a $20 discount.

Review of The Petcube Camera Conclusion

Is the Petcube Camera a good buy?  From exactly what current Petcube Camera reviews have said, this undoubtedly looks like a top quality system. The only real problems that have been frequently mentioned by buyers are that the device can be awkward to hook up with the Wi-Fi network but that happens with a lot of devices.

But with a bit of adjustments, it should not be too difficult to figure out. It will not record video, however this is not a serious problem either. It can stream video, that is the purpose of the Petcube Camera. The advantage that it also takes photos is definitely an additional bonus.

Previously mentioned, Additionally discovered a similar system – the Petzi Treat Cam. Each systems appear to be high quality products, with one major distinction – the Petzi dispenses treats while the Petcube has a laser pointer.

Many people feel, this can be the distinction between dogs and cats. Many dogs may possibly not fool around with a laser pointer – it might merely confuse them. However cats go nuts they love it. The opposite applies with the Petzi – this can be a perfect idea for dogs, but might not work as well as with your cats.

Ultimately,  The Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera seems to be solidly built, features a sleek design, and performs as it is designed to definitely a very cool gadget for any pet lover.

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