Play With Your Puppy Anytime

You came home from work today just as grumpy as you could be. Your boss was in his most villainous mood, traffic was a nightmare of nearly epic proportions and you stubbed your toe walking up the drive. Nothing in this world could save this day from being a total pisser, right?


Then you shove open that door and shlump in to find that little bundle of puppy energy, head comically cocked to one side just daring you to stay angry after glancing at his impossibly adorable face for a minute. And then it happens. Your heart rate slows, your fists uncurl and all of a sudden you find yourself laughing, actually laughing as your pet puts on its very best puppy show.


You know you want to, so why fight it, go ahead and get down there and roll and tussle around with that puppy! First, get down on his level- squat down or get down on all fours, whichever is more comfortable for you.

Toss his toys for him to bring back, try to convince him to give them back to you. Roll him around, give his belly a good scratching. Make sure your dog is having fun and be aware that a younger or older dog will tire faster than a young dog in its prime- when the dog is ready to stop, allow him to do so.


Other than basic safety rules that are always in place, puppy play time is not the time for training or trying to learn new tricks. This is all about fun and bonding not just for him, but for you as well.Some dogs prefer the throw and toss game, some would rather just roll around and then get up and run like a maniac on fire, allow your dog to show you how the best way to play with him is- everyone has their own preferences.

I took care of an elderly man that had an older Chihuahua. Everybody assumed that because he was no longer a puppy, he did not want to play anymore so nobody did anything with him. One day I was trying to straighten a blanket and the dog was watching me.

On the spur of the moment, I slid my hand under the corner and told him to “get the bunny”- this dog went nuts bouncing around, yipping and digging at the blanket. When he would get to my hand he would stop and wait for me to do it again. Granted the game got old for both of us fairly fast, but for awhile he was just as happy as he could be, ears up, tail wagging, little doggy smile on his itty bitty face.

He did not play because no one thought that he would like to, once he discovered that he had at least one person who would drop everything to become his silly playmate for a few moments each day, he would initiate play.

My dogs know that no matter how serious I look at the moment, they can bump me from that role with that head down, tail up come on and play pose- oh, gotta go, a game of doggy tag just broke out. I’m it!

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