Petcube Review The Best WiFi Camera for Pets?

You will find a multitude of childcare professional cams you will be able to use to keep close track of your family pets while they lie around the whole day, or trash the house as soon as you’ve left them on their own for extended periods. However the Petcube Camera has gone even further read this Petcube Review The Best WiFi Camera for Pets to learn more.

It is not only a HD video pet monitoring camera along with a speaker so you’re able to speak with your family pet, but it additionally incorporates a laser beam which enables you to play exciting laser tag games to keep the pet active and engaged. All that happens via the mobile app, which also allows you to share your pictures and connect with many other Petcube owners, if you value that type of interaction.


Petcube Review – The Best WiFi Camera for Pets?

Available at $199 this may be a pet monitoring device in which you could possibly select since your cat or dog comes with complications, since there are less expensive pet monitoring cameras on the market. So, does the laser game make it worth the extra expense, or is it a mere novelty.

 Petcube Review Features:

Many pet lovers will buy just about anything for the family pet, spending as much on  their furry friends  then their loved ones.   you will find there’s wide range of pet devices  to choose from, however it hasn’t taken long for designers to utilize some smart home technology making it pet friendly. It can fit nicely on any shelf plus includes a tripod mount if you wish to put it someplace else.

Specific features: The Petcube Camera connects to the electrical power, and makes use of WiFi to connect with the other parts of the pet lovers community. It comes in a neat 4-inch aluminum cube which has a black plastic face which protects the camera and laser. The camera offers 720p HD and provides a wide 138-degree lens which means you are able to see your family pet in its main room.

Laser beam: This laser is a simple 5 milliwatt model, therefore there’s no threat of singe marks on your cats or dogs ,  simply by dragging your finger over the Smartphone screen, you are able to guide the laser light across the floor or up a wall for your pet to play with, helping coax them away from damaging actions.

Accessibility: Pet owners can share accessibility to the Petcube camera and app together with friends and family, enabling them to play with the pets too – and there’s a special Petcube social networking site in which owners can gather and showcase their pets in action. That public mode may be too weird  for some, but it is great for pet owners and pet lovers

Petcube Pros:

Remarkably Proven: Getting released in America in 2014, the Petcube has demonstrated its place in the industry. Online video assists owners keep watch over their pet’s routines, while the two-way audio allows owners to speak with their pets.

Iphone app Works on Many Devices: The apps work together with iOS devices, latest Android models and the Apple Watch. You will want the app to register the pet monitoring camera and link to your to your phone. When set up, you are able to play with the laser device that is no stronger than that inside a PC mouse. Nevertheless, it is suggested that you don’t point it at your pet’s face.

Capability to Share with Other individuals: Your app also offers a beneficial use, enabling others to see and play with rescue center pets, that can assist getting these animals out of these places and straight into homes, or simply help keep them occupied while awaiting new owners.

Petcube Cons:

At release a lot of Android users had problems with the Petcube app, with no app originally available. While many buyers couldn’t even have it to connect with WiFi running WEP mode, since it’s limited network can interfere with other app settings. Additionally, it can’t see 5GHz or hidden routers.

Petcube Review The Best WiFi Camera for Pet Recommendation

In case your family pet is a little nuisance whenever you are away, or maybe you can’t deal with being apart from your loved one, then the Petcube Camera  is a great pet monitoring camera, with the interactive feature. Is highly recommended and the overall price isn’t too bad. Compared to a more common pet cam.

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