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The Petcube Camera this digital pet monitoring camera is similar to a baby monitor intended for your pet. The product includes a built-in digital camera, a laser light, along with a speaker for communicating with your furry friends in a number of ways talking, monitoring, and playing laser tag while you’re away from your home. All of this happens via the mobile app, which also permpet_monitoring_cameraits you to share your pics and



connect with fellow pet lovers, in case you the pet lover

enjoy that kind of interaction and makes use of the present day technology which provides so much. Not only is it a HD video monitor with speaker so you’re able to speak with your pet, but additionally it includes a laser light beam which will help produce interactive games to keep your pet entertained and engaged.

Petcube Camera Review

In this Petcube Camera Review the app, that is totally free for both iOS and Android, the cell phone permets live-streams video from the room it happens to be in. Its wide-angle digital camera appropriately captures an entire room plus it streams in 720p HD. Whenever streaming video, in the event you interact with the touch screen display of your smart phone, the built-in laser is activated allowing you to be able to play with your pets because they chase the laser light around. In case your pet is getting into trouble, the app additionally allows you to speak to them through the cube and tell them to stop it.

Designed just like a cube, the front side of the Petcube Camera comprises a wide angle high-resolution (720p) fixed focus lens – this provides a clear and encompassing look at whatever it’s directed at (only a little distorting at the edges as it is always the case with w/a lenses). Below is a low-powered safety red laser – pet monitoring cameraabsolutely not there to attack intruders, but to supply some quality fun time with a cat remotely by dragging your finger across your mobile’s screen. For a dog, not so much.


The app allows you to grant access to your camera, with the family so people besides you can easily, exercise your pets if you’re a bit too busy or they want to have fun.

One Price, Many Uses

This Petcube Camera Review found that there are not any recurring fees or monthly subscriptions. Therefore the price of $199 is all you’re paying. So yes you are now able to place a price tag on piece of mind once the pets are left home alone Through the built-in wide angle camera you can monitor your pet. You can also have a conversation with your pet using speakers and microphone. However the Petcube Camera will go much further. It gives you a directed laser pointer to create the fun times with your pet to a brand new level. It’s quite simple: we love pets and pets love lasers. It’s not all fun and games though. Petcube Camera is a perfect tool to keep your buddy fit in case you don’t have enough time for long walks and special training.

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