GPS Pet Tracking System Report

If you’re considering buying a GPS pet tracker collar for your cat or dogs then you have arrived at just the right place. This GPS pet tracking system report will supply you with all the details you will need to make the best decision when selecting a GPS dog tracking device. The GPS pet tracking industry is somewhat new but pet lovers around the world are thrilled to be provided with the peace of mind that these pet tracking devices afford.


GPS Pet Tracking System Report

Studies show that more than 10 million pets are reported missing every year and only 15 to 20% are recovered in the USA alone. This is actually a concerning statistic. Your pets really don’t mean to wander off but, most of the time, once they leave the safe confines of your residence by way of a hole in the fence, or perhaps an open gate, or just from being especially skilful and nimble, they are able to run off at great speed and then have extreme difficulties finding their way home to your lonely anxious arms.

Even my Mom’s very elderly dachshund loves sleeping all day long. However, if I am not watching him as soon as I answer the door, and he sees another dog or a bird across the street, he will be off and running after like he was a shot out of a cannon.


Try running after a dog on a mission? It’s quite an exhausting undertaking. This is when GPS pet tracking collars for dogs save the day.

GPS Pet Trackers With Safe Zones Are HIGHLY Recommended

When you are looking to purchase a GPS pet tracking system it is recommended that you purchase the one which will in fact create either one or multiple safe zones.


These kinds of safe zones work by configuring an invisible perimeter. Once your dog is wearing a unique GPS tracking tag and wanders outside the safe zone you will be alerted via your Smartphone.

Possessing this feature will enable you to quickly and easily start tracking them in seconds before they go too far and some are equipped with a light to help with night rescue your lost pet.

One of the best features of quality dog collars with GPS technology is the fact that when you open the app on your phone you will be shown a GPS map in order to actually see where your pet has wandered off to and you can be guided with maps and directions so that you can find them asap.

You could also do the exact same thing via your web browser.

You’ll discover a number of GPS pet tracking collars for dogs online and they will often have different recommendations maybe a minimum weight requirement. Some GPS pet trackers have been designed with larger pets in mind while others work perfectly well for smaller dogs.

In case you are unsure of your dog’s weight contact your vet they will be able to let you know your pets recent weight.

Dog GPS tracker Collar Range – This Is VERY Important

This is when you need to take into consideration your dog for a minute. When they do wander off, do they typically go far off or do they simply do some local investigating throughout your local neighborhood?

When you have a concept of the distance they may roam you can pick a more suitable GPS pet tracker for the range needed.

In addition, the most effective GPS pet tracking devices actually maintain a history of where your dog travels to enable you to quickly come to be aware of favorite areas that they escape to.

GPS Pet Tracking System Report Health Factors

GPS for Dogs – Dog Activity Is another IMPORTANT Health Factor for your dog. Is your dog very active? As mentioned, my Mom’s lovely sausage dog isn’t. However, if yours is you may need to look at waterproof and swim proof models, particularly if your dog loves the water and they do. Some dog tracking collars also come with activity tracking and temperature sensors the benefits are tremendous. Knowing these factors will help your consideration while purchasing your GPS pet tracking system for your furry friend you can never be too safe.

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