CCTV Home Security System Benefits

Once you installed your CCTV home security system, you have done so with the intention of monitoring your residence, your nanny and your teenaged children plus the pets when you are away, asleep, or something else. Something you did not expect are the CCTV Home Security System Benefits would be able to benefit your pets, as a pet monitoring camera.

 Your CCTV Home Security System Benefits

If you don’t possess a Doberman pinscher along with a German shepherd for pets, there is an obligation to keep your household pets safe from trespassers intruders and from themselves. Let’s be honest. Your household pets can be at risk as a result of criminals who are focused on pet-napping for nefarious purposes and in many cases by neighbors who love your pets so much they are prepared to commit a felony to own them.

You have the ability to identify the criminals of the crime with video footages from your CCTV home security cameras. You could take a lesson from the dog-napping case in a pet store in Burlington, Vermont where an $800 miniature schnauzer had been stolen and consequently saved, with thanks to the surveillance cameras in place.

Your own pets can also be a threat to themselves. With remote viewing of footage from your pet monitoring camera, you can alert the people in the house about the dangers your pet is putting himself in. You can also use the video footage to ascertain the places your pet is frequenting, the dangers therein, and what you can do to lessen them.

Pet Monitoring Camera Many Uses

For anyone who is having problems in dog training, your CCTV Home Security System Benefits are it can be used as a dog surveillance camera for your dogs. You can more readily identify causes for dog behavior problems from available video footage, said behavior problems ranging from mildly destructive furniture chewing to highly problematic aggression.

You can even use a GPS pet tracker that will alert you when your pet is entering a restricted area!

Pet Cuteness

Pets are cute! Yet often, you miss out on one of the cutest pet memories merely because you cannot spend life staring and watching for your pet to produce that once-in-a-lifetime trick.

Utilizing CCTV home security camera benefits, you are able to rewind and review amusing things your pet is doing while you are away. However, you need to take safeguards when utilizing pet monitoring camera around pets. For starters, you need to position them in high areas where your active pets cannot jump, tumble, and crash on them. Of course, if your pet is in a cage or a bowl like rodents, reptile and fish, you do not have this problem.

Still, you need to know that your CCTV security system is there for reasons beyond protecting and videotaping your pets, no matter how adorable they are. It is there to deter crime against person and against property. For this reason, be sure to perform regular maintenance to preserve its integrity either from human intrusion or pet excursion.
Wireless Digital Home 4ch DVR Infrared Security Camera System with 7” LED Monitor Support Motion Detecting and Video Storage for Warehoues Garage Backyard Surveillance CCTV


available for baby activity monitor and yard security detecting for pet;

Garage and Warehouse security Keeper.

Four cameras without the wifi/network connection,easy connect, enough for every corners detecting.(Not suggest put it ourside without any cover,it’s better for indoor)

The digital wireless connection,don’t need internet,more safe to avoid hacker’s network surveillance.

One wire power cable to charge the four pcs of cameras and monitor to keep continuously work,don’t include the battery.

Supporting night version,catch every moment you want to and up to 32GB TF card to store pictures and audio. Take memory card out to your pc to review.

The motion model, only record the activity to save the storage. The one-way intercom,monitor can hear the voice from cameras.

Please attention: 1.the wireless is about the connection for monitor with camera, all the device need the cable to charge;The protection film on the screen can be peel off to make it more polished; the player software, if pc system can’t support the video.

EZVIZ Home Security System 8 Weatherproof 1080p Analog Bullet Cameras, 8 Channel DVR with 1TB HDD, 100ft Night Vision


24/7 SECURITY with an 8-channel analog home security system includes a 1TB security-grade hard drive.GREATER VISIBILITY AND COVERAGE with our bullet cameras 115.6° angle of view.
WEATHERPROOF IP66 rated and works in extreme temperatures -40°F to 140°F outdoors or indoors.
CLARITY EVEN AT NIGHT with HD 1080p resolution and night vision up to 100 feet or 65 feet in total darkness.
PREVENT TAMPERING and vandalism on cameras with three-axis preassembled mounts.
SECURITY AND ENCRYPTION will safeguard moments captured using triple-layer security and bank-level encryption.
EZVIZ APP allows you to set up, configure and view videos while motion detection can send alerts via push notification if the cameras sense movement.


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